Utilizing Steam for Impromptu Controller Support in RPCS3
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Hey all!
I, among many others, seem to have controller troubles since the PS controllers on PC have always been troublesome. Getting them to work and especially getting XInput-type controllers to work with the emu can be something of a headache, especially for those of us not familiar with the tech behind it and haven't messed too much with getting PS controllers to work on PC.

I've "discovered" something that seems sort of obvious once you read it. Steam, due to their brief interest in getting the "console experience" on PC have a lot of work done on controller support. Well, adding RPCS3 as a Non-Steam game seems to have the emu recognize controllers it wouldn't have been able to otherwise. Opening an app or game is necessary for it to work fully, since it doesn't consider RPCS3 itself to be a game (just a window) and considers when something is actually rendering in OpenGL or Vulkan to actually be the game - sort of like how some games have window launchers before the game actually opens (again, should be obvious to the nerds reading this). I was having plenty o trouble trying to get controllers to work with the Emu, but now I'm happily using my Switch Pro controller with the emu, as Steam has complete control over it.
I think that, for a typical user of the emu, this should be a viable alternative to Scp and messing with drivers and such.

1. Open Steam
2. Click "Add a Game" at the bottom left.
3. Click "Add a Non-Steam Game..." in the drop down.

4. In the window that has popped up, ignore the programs there and click "Browse".
5. Navigate to where your "rpsc3.exe" is located and double-click it.
6. RPSC3 will now be in your library. Run it through Steam.
7. Ensure your controllers are recognized by Steam. (Other guides online can help you there. Running Steam in Big Picture mode might help).
8. In "Pads", look to see if your controllers are working (should be in XInput).
(IF your controllers aren't recognized by RPSC3 at this point, open an app or game. This should let the controllers function normally, and let the emu recognize the inputs)
Tada! You're good to go.

Any controller that can be recognized by Steam via this method should also work with RPSC3.

I made an account just to share this, since I figured it would be useful for many people (plebs like me) to know. I hope it's useful!
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