RPCS3 Fatal Error with Heavenly Sword
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12-18-2022, 01:07 PM -
Hey, thank you for having me.
Just a quick note for those of you who wants to enjoy Heavenly Sword on Stream Deck via RPCS3:
I have encountered similar issues trying to run it on Deck.
While you'll successfully run game for the first time in game mode close the game, head back to desktop mode
  • Open RPCS3 create custom config for Heavenly Sword
  • Disabled antyaliasing ( by default it is set to Auto )
  • Get back to game mode and run the game again, create profile for your game disable FSR ( level 1), i found ot works great while TDP is set to 7w/8w, screen refresh rate 40. 

Game works and looks great and is 100% playable with slightly delayed voice in cut scenes, barley noticeable.
I hope this will help

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