RPCS3 Fatal Error with Heavenly Sword
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Hey, so I managed to find something! On the Github thread discussing the memory leak issue kd-11 said:

"The game still generates an absurd amount of images per frame so you still need decent VRAM. 720p for example consumes 3GB of VRAM during the PiP sections. The memory isn't leaked though, we're releasing the data, just not fast enough to offset the demands. After the cutscene is over, equilibrium is restored and the allocation does go down significantly to around 1.2GB. I could in theory make the allocation threshold used to detect overallocation dynamic, but it should work just fine as it is right now. There is a balancing act between being aggressive with cleanup and keeping performance good which is why I'm allowing VRAM to grow to 3GB at 720p."

So it looks like this is intentional. The game just needs a BUNCH of VRAM or it'll poop its pants. So if you could do me a favour and find the appropriate resolution/framerate settings that allow you to get past the PiP (picture-in-picture) areas that are causing the VRAM to spike without crashing, that'd be ace Smile I would do it but I can't do very much with a 4GB 970 :/ Then I'll add to the wiki about suitable settings to use based on a users VRAM!

Exclamation IMPORTANT EDIT: For people finding this thread it was indeed a VRAM issue, turning off anti-aliasing and bringing down resolution scaling will prevent crashes. Asinine made the necessary edits to the wiki page and even gave a guide on the resolution to target based on your video card's VRAM amount - what a guy! Exclamation 
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