Force full screen resolution and/or refresh rate
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01-31-2020, 11:42 AM -
Is there a way to force a specific full screen resolution and/or refresh rate, perhaps with an ini setting similar to Dolphin?

Basically, I have a monitor with an 82Hz refresh rate (overclocked from 75Hz). This is fine for PC games, but most console emulators will judder at refresh rates higher than 60Hz. The solution is to set the desktop refresh rate to 60Hz, but this is obviously not ideal. The workaround I use is to create a custom resolution very close to my native resolution (in my case, 1920x1079) at 60Hz and use that with anything that I want to run at 60Hz. Unfortuntely there is no way to select that a resolution from within RPCS3 other than the current desktop resolution.

A way to force refresh rate instead would also achieve the same thing.

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