NCAA Football 09 [BLUS30155]
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04-13-2019, 11:58 PM -
RPCS3-0.0.6-7972-df3b46a6 Alpha

Intel i9 9900K
16 GB 3000MHz DDR4
NVIDIA RTX 2080 (Driver 419.67)

Vulkan with default settings

Game should be labeled PLAYABLE

Game boots up and plays with no problems at all. I get 50-65 FPS so lower end hardware should be able to get playable framerates. Oddly enough, although this game is almost identical to NCAA Football 08, its performance is significantly better. No random crashes or game-breaking graphical issues.

There are two small graphics issues I noticed. First, team logos and letters don't render on flags properly as seen here:    

Second, the reflections on player helmets are rendered incorrectly. They just appear as white shapes on the helmet most of the time. It is very easy to see on the kicker in this screenshot:    

None of these impact my ability to play the game however, so this game should be updated as playable.

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