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03-26-2019, 11:20 PM -
I'm in a situation where I'm ready to dive into both the Ni No Kuni games and for the first one I have two options - I can play it on my old PS3 that was acting up last time I used it (probably a year or two ago honestly) or I can play it on RPCS3.
My question would be: How stable is RPCS3 with Ni No Kuni?
My specs are not great (4770k stock, GTX770, 16GRam).
The problem is I don't want to find myself with tons of hours punched into the game and either the PS3 fails or the RPCS3 can't run the game good enough on my hardware in later portions resulting in me potentially wasting a ton of time.
I played the game for like 5 minutes on the RPCS3 so far (got to the part where we see the doll come to life) and the frames were almost constantly at 30 (60 for non-ingame cut-scenes). If those remain somewhat stable I'd consider it playable - but I'm unsure how much more demanding the game gets in battles, or future environments, etc.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

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