Disgaea 3 Freeze at tutorials in Both Versions
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08-14-2018, 11:28 AM -
Hello so I have some problems running Disgaea 3 and I was hoping someone here could help me,I run perfectly DD2 and D4 but D3 seem to freeze at a certain point of the story (the 3rd tutorial for US version,and I tried the EU version and it freeze at the 1st tutorial there) also game run at 15 fps in the HUB and 30fps in battle so there no problem,but it freeze when using vulkan at start,and work until tutorials with OpenGL,so if anyone know how to help,thanks in advance

Also i want to say that this is after I installed the Update and DLCs,as before the game would not run and give me an error saying (E LDR: Invalid disc directory),after i installed the update.pkg,the game run,but if i quit and want to play again,the same error appear and i have to re install the pkg to open it again,then i freeze at tutorial (3rd for US/1st for EU)

My Config if it can help:
GTX 970M
I7 6700 HQ
Again thanks if anyone help

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08-15-2018, 06:50 PM -
Missing log files
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