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(08-07-2018, 12:00 AM)Ani Wrote: 8600K is also better for RPCS3 because it has TSX which that benchmark likely doesn't test for

You can keep your games as ISO files yes, but every time you want to boot a game you'll have to mount the ISO to a virtual drive.

The emulator can use DLC and updates yeah, either dump them already installed from a PS3 or dump the package and install via package.

ah ok! is it possible to install the .pkg file of the DLC on the emulator?!? Like in a PS3 real console?? Very good Smile

I have decided all the components of my new Mini-ITX.  In order to save money i think that i will buy an i5 8600, in turbo mode it can reach 4.3Ghz and in this way i can avoid to buy a cooler.
With this cpu i can run ps3 games generally ad 30fps and at 1080p and filters active? Or is it necessary a more powerful cpu like i7 8700?
On ebay the difference between i5 8600 and i7 8700 is 60 euro... for the i7 8700 the best price that i found is 290 euro  (i5 8600 230 euro).
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