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(08-03-2018, 11:35 PM)Ani Wrote: You don't need to overclock it. But if you're getting the 8700, might as well go the extra mile and go for +500/1000MHz and get that extra performance. You can just get the 8700 and call it a day too.

TSX is not mandatory, but helps performance when present.

I already said above, you shouldn't be comparing 2600X with 8700, it's R7 2700X vs i7 8700/8700K and the i7 wins easily in RPCS3.

perfect. As alternative I can evaluate i5 8600K? It can reach 4.3 Ghz in turbo mode and I can save about 100 euro vs the i7 8700K.. probably the i5 too has the TSX and could be good in any case for the RPCS3, are you agree?

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