NCAA Football 13 [NPUB30753]
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not my video, but it looks good.  also this thread is for the digital version, but some are posting about the disc version.  there may be differences between functionality but who knows

Yes, I was able to get the game to play and the graphics look great with good fps output.  For some reason, I keep getting the video freeze.  It must be something related to the disc version of the game.  Vulkan is the only option for GPU renderer because OpenGL doesn't display the graphics properly.  I have updated the Nvidia graphics card drivers and tried various settings trying to pinpoint the problem.  Unfortunately, they didn't post the RPCS3 game settings. I have been trying to get NCAA Football 13 to play because it was somewhat a different version of the game than 14 and had a lot of great gameplay features that were not present in 14.
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