Comet Crash [NPEB00142]
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04-13-2018, 11:46 PM -
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Playable. Graphics can be messy because some vertices are exploded towards the top left corner. Tried a variety of settings, no fix. I played a decent number of levels and I've never had the graphics hinder gameplay.
Audio and fps are perfectly fine except when you absolutely spam units (~45-50 fps then)
The broken graphics trails are always very thin so while it's still a playable game if that bothers you too much you may want to wait a for a fix.

A couple of the screenshots are more of the worst graphical glitches I saw in the game.
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03-02-2023, 09:07 PM -
I know this has been classified as playable for a while now, but today I'm happy to make a formal post that I finally got the game to run updated to version 1.10 and running with zero graphical issues.  I don't know/have access if the the EU version ever got the Bionic Swarm DLC so I'm unable to test it. The forum rules apparently won't allow me to upload the game config file with all the pertinent details though, so I'm not sure how to share those details.

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