Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters [NPUB30528]
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04-07-2018, 08:08 PM -
RPCS3 v0.0.5-6639-90e0bade7 Alpha | HEAD
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02-28-2019, 12:45 AM -
I have been testing this game from version 0.0.5-6491 to the current 0.0.6-7816 and have seen no change. Is this game still being tested? All other games seem to work fine, and I have seen a lot of improvement on Everybody's Golf: World Tour, which went from unplayable to working great but not perfect.

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06-03-2022, 09:13 PM -
Having tested PGA Tour '12 since the then~latest builds in December of 2021, I can confirm that changes made in the Early 13000 Series resulted in it being potentially put into a position where it was Playable, at least up to Build 13669 ("0.0.22-13669-bda52a51 Alpha (Master)"), as all Offline Modes (Road to the Masters, Masters Moments, The Presidents Cup, and Quick Play) were able to load the entire round as intended without the notorious Unmapped Memory fatal error that would crash the emulator; the changes made in Build 13691 to 13724 demoted the game to Intro when running in Vulkan and made OpenGL incredibly unstable, something that's been starting to get fixed as of 13728 ("0.0.22-13728-0e551400 Alpha (Master)"); this was also confirmed by me on its Disc~based counterparts (BLUS30705 and BLUS30752), where the results are virtually the same.

Below is a set of Six Logues across two builds from my testing last night, covering the last time it was fully Playable in Vulkan under the PPU Decoder preset Interpreter (Static) via Build 13669 (labeled under "Success" in the RAR Archive), and the issues it was enduring in Vulkan and OpenGL when on 13691 to 13724 (labeled under "Crashes", using 13669 and 13714 as a basis); due to the nature of how PGA Tour titles are meant to be played, the large "Vulkan on Interpreter (Static)" logue for 13669 in the "Success" folder documents play of a full Four Player round on Random Eighteen, as well as the Performance Tuning section and one of the Masters Moments (Jack Nicklaus, 1986) to prove that it is able to load the next holes of a round properly without crashing or having to only play one hole at a time in Quick Play.
Folders without the "RPCS3.log" file present are instances where both the game and emulator crashed either due to the Unmapped Memory error while loading the next hole in a round or because Vulkan was unable to compile the shaders after the First Hole in the round was loaded from the Main Menu; other than changes to the PPU Decoder or switching from OpenGL to Vulkan, all tests are running on the same Custom Configuration to retain a proper sense of consistency and standardization, this config was the best that I could get for an optimal framerate in Vulkan (on Recompiler (LLVM), it can go up to a range of 037 to 042 FPS on a Ryzen 5950X/Radeon VII combo, provided the player runs every venue on Steady Rain; other weather presets range it between 027 and 036 FPS, on my setup, and OpenGL saw it run at about a Tenth slower than this regardless of weather choice) and wishfully this will help know what to look out for if any errors from other specific configurations are in use.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour '12: RPCS3 Data Logues for 13669 and 13714 (Mediafire)

Footage provided below comes from a build a few days before 13669, as well as the day of for 13693 in the latter two clips; the game was functionally identical on neighbouring builds with their respective behaviours, and the successes and errors and can be replicated on builds closer to their range, with 13669's behaviours in this title also being identical to builds from at least as far back as April of 2022 and 13693's errors showing up consistently in 13691 to 13724.

~ Augusta Par 03 Sampler (Build 13669), Vulkan on Interpreter (Static)
~ Failure to Compile Computer Shader (Build 13693), Vulkan on any PPU Decoder
~ Glitched Play on Highlands 04 (Build 13693), OpenGL on Recompiler (LLVM)

The below footage from older tests in January, Late April, and Early May present some of the progress that the emulator was having with PGA Tour '12 while we were still on the road to 13669; the latter presents some notable glitches that can be experienced both in OpenGL and Vulkan, some of which are still present in current revisions of the Master Build, at the time of typing.
The custom settings that were used for the below broadcasts, as well as the footage above this section, will be found in this comment by me from the Pilot Episode of Offline Sessions, helping viewers and testers get a better understanding of the performance that was attained here; it must be noted that the below programs were given Frame Interpolation in Post~Production (Splash Media Player for the former; Twixtor for the latter), hence the smoother movement than what is natively offered.

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