Army of TWO [BLUS30057]
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03-29-2018, 05:58 PM -
Build v0.0.5-6601 (ee0fe28) Alpha

[url=][/url]I enabled Write Color Buffers and not see white bloom anymore, crashes are not happening.
You can hear a little clip sound all the time (both XAudio2 and OpenAL)
Split screen works very well.
No FPS drop in 4K resolution scale (4770K, GTX 970, Windows 8.1, Vulkan), stable 29.89-30.15 FPS value.
Shaders caching can create FPS drop for first time only.
It's fully playable now.
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03-30-2018, 01:40 AM -
It doesn't look like you played this for very long before doing a playable report isn't that third screen in the tutorial area? Also need three ingame screenshots you provided two ingame and one on the title screen. Preferably something further on in the game during combat.

Thread title needs to be changed to: Army of TWO [BLUS30057] so it matches the other id in the database.

Moving to general discussion for now

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