Weird FPS/Game related issue
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03-27-2018, 03:53 AM -
So after looking through google for a good while I can't figure out this weird issue let alone put it into a proper title. For some odd duck reason whenever I boot up NAtURAL DOCtRINE it runs at 60fps in the main menu and when it goes to the actual game the FPS drops from 60 to 10 ~ 20/23 FPS and you can really start to notice the stuttering in both audio and video. BUT when I click & hold the windowed game as if I'm moving it to monitor 1 to monitor 2 (which counts as out of game I guess) the audio runs crisp as if nothing is wrong. I've tried settings from references i've found on google but they all fall short and all I get is the same issue, by chance would anyone know what's causing this issue?

Basic PC Specs:

Intel Xeon 3.50Ghz
32 Gigs DDr4 Ram
GTX 1050

RPCS3 Settings:

Recorded Gameplay:

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