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hi i'm smartstrike(formally tallbender)....you can also call me smartstk in short that i current use on all of my online mobile games.

about me i'm currently pcsx2 user and member in their fourms since december 2008. almost a decade now....since 2008 as i start using the ps2 emu. my rig has upgraded 5 times.
all my historic rigs are "mid-range theme"

used for pcsx2 in since 2008
P4(willamette)2.0ghz,GF MX200,GF MX4000(was upgraded)...but didnt work due to missing pixel shaders 2.0)
C2D E6750 GF 7200GT,GF 9500GT(was upgraded)
i5-2500 Ati HD 5750
i5-4670 Ati HD 7770
i5-7600 GTX1050Ti

as for rpcs3 this my rigs to start...on my start up
i5-4670 Ati HD 7770
i5-7600 GTX1050Ti

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