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01-02-2018, 05:07 PM -
Hi everyone!

I created this thread to ask you, which controller do you think is the best for gaming/emulation on PC? And why? I'm asking this because my Xbox One controller's right stick started drifting last month, after 8 months Sad I never dropped it or something, and didn't even used it so much, I was playing and from nowhere camera started to move by itself to the top, after like 2-3 hours of playing, and completly unexpected Sad after some research on the internet, looks like it's a common problem so now I'm looking forward to buy another controller... 

Which one would you recommend? I'm thinking on buying another Xbox One controller, but it's still very expensive (60$ in my country) so I don't know what to do, beause I can't spend 120$ every year on controllers that I'll use like 6 hours a month, so I need some feedback from you guys.

Do you have a XOne controller too? For how long? Do you have drift problems? 
Which controller do you consider to be the best one to the date?

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