Sacred 3 [BLUS30876]
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12-30-2017, 04:54 PM -
RPCS3 v0.0.4-6279-f271b650 Alpha | HEAD
Ingame with graphic bugs.
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02-10-2022, 06:25 PM -
Sacred 3 [BLUS30876]
RPCS3 v0.0.20-13259-02cdf8ac Alpha
Status: In Game

PC Specs:
Intel Core i9 12900K
Prime Z690-P
Geforce RTX 3080 Ti

About an hour of gameplay. Game seems to run fine and is playable, but I did have a couple of graphics glitches. I'll test further gameplay with some other settings, but this is basically default with 200% resolution scale (3440x1440) and stretch to display enabled.  Edit: Was unable to resolve the translucent dark box rendering issues that occasionally appear. Not game breaking at all, but be aware.

Edit: I replaced the video since the original had audio issues from recording. 

Log file available on GitHub:
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03-24-2022, 12:27 AM -
This game needs to be updated to PLAYABLE given the log submission above my comment, unless I'm not noticing it missing something important.

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