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Quote:RPCS3_FANHallo Community,

on Twitch there are many people who dislike emulators even they play PS1 Games on PS3 (which is an emulation) or using (S)NES Classic which is also just an emulator (which makes them kind of hypocrites), criticizing emulators but using emulators on consoles.

My questions are sometimes theoretical nature:

I know that Emulators can have GFX Filters to improve graphics which is positive for me.

Can an Emulator fix unfixed bugs/glitches in Console games like walking through walls? There are many games on NES,SNES, etc. which allows you to exploit those things. If you watch Speedrunning videos you will probably see many exploits

Emulators can support save states.

Is there a community driven emulator which actually works better than the official emulation of a company? the German tech site golem.de said that higan is the better emulator than SNES Classic.

Anyone missed the real HW when he played on Emulator? I am referring to playable games.

Most 3D emulators have options to perform above the original hardware could. There is an argument over emulators of 2D hardware. At the moment RPCS3 is very early, most devs are working on getting games to work rather than emulating PS3 hardware completely accurately. Maybe in the future once RPCS3 emulates most games, then maybe some devs will be interested in actual hardware emulation accuracy.

They stated in the faq:"Is RPCS3 aiming for complete accuracy or game specific hacks?

Our goal is to create the most accurate PlayStation 3 emulator possible - we're not including game specific hacks."

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