RPCS3_FANAre following features planned in future?
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->You're not supposed to touch libraries loading mode. For other settings, it depends on hardware, and we're not going to mantain a database of thousands of games when settings are always changing themselves.
- How about a Wiki for it?

->I don't know how you seriously think this is possible, you'd need not only a license from Sony, but also from every publisher you wished to sell games from, and then distribution contracts with them...

GOG is working well for old PC Games. Why should e.g. Konami be against selling their old PS3 Games? SH Downpour is working (if you rename or remove the Movies Folder in RPCS3 dev_hdd0 SH Folder). Does the Contract between Konami and Sony bans them from selling it as Digital copy?

I forgot: PCSX2 has the save state feature. Is it possible for RPCS3?

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