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> AMD FX cpu that would support this?
None really, AM3+ CPUs are complete trash. They do have SSSE3 so they run RPCS3, but it's completely laggy. If choosing AMD, then it needs to be Ryzen / ThreadRipper.

> And, if necessary I can pair with another R9 390x video card doubling my GPU capability.
Doesn't matter too, RPCS3 barely uses the GPU. For now. And I don't believe SLI/CrossFire is going to be immediately supported when RPCS3 starts using the GPU a lot (e.g: with upscaling).

> I am trying to determine the entry point for an AMD system.
I personally recommend Ryzen 5 as an AMD entry point. Although I'd buy Intel myself if I had to get a new CPU because FX-8350 was already terrifying enough.
Note that new Intel 8th gen CPUs will have more cores, so they will probably be better than Ryzen 1st gen at some price points.

Bonus points for the AMD GPU you have there. NVIDIA drivers have issues that cause shaders to use up a lot of RAM (the same issue that affects Cemu).
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