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09-29-2017, 09:23 AM -
How much effort would be required to skip using SSSE3?

I have an AMD 1100t Phenom II Hexcore CPU running at 4.0 ghz with 16 gb DDR3 and an AMD R9 390X video card.
It runs EVERYTHING I have thrown at it until I tried to run the emulator.

Only reason I have not upgraded yet is the fact that overclocked it is pretty danged powerful in it's own right, but primarily
it's because I have 9.5 TB of disk loaded with several different windows and a linux installation. 3 of the windows installations
are from the same license (Oh NO!) but they are used for different jobs. (Games, normal use, development). Rebuilding this
thing is going to be a nightmare.

So, Is there any hope of running a version without using SSSE3 ?


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