What happened to the Persona 5 topic?
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(09-25-2017, 09:52 PM)Maykay Wrote: Like the title says: what happened to the Persona 5 topic? I had a couple of posts there, and now I can't find it, nor can I access my posts. Did the topic get deleted? And, if so, why? It had some useful information, so it really is a shame that I cannot access it at this point, either by direct link - I had it in my favourites - or through the forum search function.

Thank you.

Atlus is bullying the RPCS3 devs to remove the info because they have a irrational hate for emulation and PC gaming in general they don't even have any legal leg to stand on as the Bleem vs Sony case shows but because they are a big company with money they can bully ppl like that, there will be an official statement soon more info on reddit:


I personally think this will backfire spectacular for them, it's the Streisand effect, more free publicity for RPCS3 yay.
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