anyone with laptop, nvidia fermi gpu, win 10 (1703) have enable dx12
Started by leviathandavid

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09-15-2017, 05:10 AM -
Hi guys, i owner of dell inspiron n5110 (i7 2670qm, 6gb ram, nvidia gt525) and the emulator can't list the dx12, only opengl and null render,

it's supposed that nvidia enable dx12 features in nvidia fermi architecture but the reality is other, maybe in desktop but laptops doesn't have this feature.
anyone with gpu fermi for laptop has enabled dx12?

Sorry, my english isn't good...

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09-16-2017, 05:49 AM -
You need a stronger laptop to this emulator on. That one isn't going to cut it. I know because even playing pcsx2 (playstation 2 emulator) barley plays on my laptop (i7 2670qm, 6gb ram, nvidia gt555m)

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