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(10-20-2017, 12:38 AM)jazjaz36 Wrote: Can I confirm something? Is the only difference between this version and the BLES one is the country of origin? US for this and Europe for the other? Or does this version has an extended game play or something?

Also which version is better for most people when it comes to emulation? Because I've been trying to get the BLES version to work, with speed and freezing cutscenes the only issues. Now if this one is actually better then I might consider swapping. Opinions please? Thanks.

Oh P.S. I'm using intel i3. I know its slow and not playable material, but I've been told that before and that didn't stop me from succeeding in playing a lot of the games I thought to be impossible.

There's no difference between the versions it's just the region code. Some games differ depending on region but it's pretty rare. Also some PSN games do not work while the Disc version does (e.g Demon's Souls) But this is also very rare. The issues you mentioned are also in my PSN version of Ni No Kuni. You probably already know but you need to skip cutscenes before they finish (only the animated cutscenes that have multiple cutscenes play back-to back) OR LLE (load automatic + manual firmware) libvdec.sprx but that will slow playback considerably. I would just hold off on playing Ni No Kuni until more issues are ironed out and it moves to playable.

(09-22-2017, 04:13 PM)morcy Wrote: you can get better image quality by enabling Strict Rendering Mode and 1080p and edit the rpcs3 profile in the nvidia control panel and put every option to the best if you have a good card

and this image 720p and no nvidia control panel edit and no Strict Rendering Mode
[Image: Desktop_Screenshot_2017_09_22_18_58_06_27.png]" />
and this one 1080p and edit nvidia control panel and Strict Rendering Mode 
[Image: Desktop_Screenshot_2017_09_22_18_59_31_79.png]
Strict rendering doesn't work with resolution scaling it will go back down to native (1280x720 in this case)
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