Questions about game updates/DLC
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09-03-2017, 08:43 PM -
Sorry if this is the wrong section, I wasn't sure where it should go.
Looked in the game report guidelines and searched the forums but didn't see anything pertaining to posting about updated games or DLC.

My questions are, if statuses differ between game versions or with/without DLC installed, where should we post about it? In the same thread as the base game, noting that it had to be updated/had to have DLC to have a different status; in a new thread specific to that update/DLC; or should we just not post anything related to updates/DLC at all?

If it should be posted in the same thread as the base game, should the game's state be determined by the base game or the updated/DLC-installed game? Or, contrarily, should it be based on the worst or best state a game is in?

Sorry if this is confusing, I was just hoping for some clarification on the subject.
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09-03-2017, 11:36 PM -
Game state is determined by base game only.

Update/DLC information also goes in the same game's thread.
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