Tekken 6 Now Playable!
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Big Grin  08-21-2017, 06:21 AM -
I am running Tekken 6 and explored it enough to declare it fully playable and if you use Xinput while having 2 ps3 controllers plugged in you can enjoy 2 player mode.

Cheat Engine is supported and I have currently found the Player Health and KO codes.
- Still looking for Moveswap Codes
- Still looking for Money Codes

Known Issues:
1. Minor: On one level the colors of the characters appear green, still runs perfectly.
2. Medium: When booting the game a pre-loading cached shaders message appears. This is all well and good but the number of shaders it looks for increases every couple of boots.
3. High: Scenario Campaign has the level shadows messed up, this slows down the framerate. Disabling Shadows may fix this problem.

There are no other issues to report, I have no fully explored the game but so far I have not encountered any issues other than the ones mentioned. If Anyone finds the moveswap codes to make for example Nina have Yoshimitsu's moves that would be sweet!

Codes (For Cheat Engine users)
P1 Health: 100AA1120
P2 Health: 100AA1D50
Those values start at 46080 each match , change it to 40080 for instant KO + Scream effect they do.
PS> Advanced Users can Browse Memory Region and look for B4 or something similar, edit that value to control specific health (180-0).

I love messing around with Cheat codes, please share you Tekken 6 Codes if you find any cool ones!
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