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God of War III [BCUS98111]
So instead of my computer, I tested this on my brother's computer (an alienware desktop with hardware leagues more powerful than mine), with some reconfigured custom settings (had to reset custom settings after a computer crash (in no way associated with rpcs3) caused the custom config to bug), and I managed to boot to the start screen with full color; problem is, the shifting lighting in the background causes some of kratos's white-skin to fade in/out to black and back again, so its not a total positive

here's a zip containing the console log and the custom configs, and a pic of my brother's comp stats (provided by speccy)

version of rpcs3 used is 0.0.6-7788-4c593959 alpha

Edit: I made this post in a rush due to my grandmother trying to escape the house for the nth time in a row, and I apologize for breaking forum rules, so here's a proper list of the settings I used
UI Style: Darker Style
CPU Settings
PPU: LLVM Recompiler (default)
SPU: ASMJIT Recompiler (Default)
Firmware Settings: Auto-load required libraries
Additional Settings: Default settings (accurate xfloat had a red box, so idk what that means)

GPU Settings
Render: Vulkan
Graphics Device: Geforce GTX 1080
Additional Settings: Write Color Buffers, Strict Rendering Mode, Disable Vertex Cache, Disable Async Shader Compiler (All On)

Rest of settings were left alone, and Force CPU blit was set to True; Zippyshare links (1 and 2)to the recorded vids of main menu and part of the intro cutscene during a new game run. The main menu audio ran just fine, maybe a tiny bit of stuttering. But during the cutscene when the titans are climbing the cliff-side of Olympus, the video lags to the point where it de-syncs from the audio, hearing hermes doing his coinflip while gaia is still climbing, hades launching himself off the balcony to directly attack one of the other titans while the gods are gathering to see what they need to kill, etc...

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