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WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 [BLES00137]
Resolution scale works weirdly in this game.

300% res scale renders the game at 4k and then downsamples it back to 720p and then upscales it back to 4k lol. Here's an example:

[Image: rpcs3.exe_Screenshot_2019.04.22_-_22.59.17.93.jpg]

300% res scale at 4k:
[Image: rpcs3.exe_Screenshot_2019.04.22_-_22.12.18.19.jpg]

You can see the second picture is sharper and less aliased but since the game downsampled the 4k rendered image back to 720p and then upscaled again in 4k, the resultant image looks like upscaled 720p with anti aliasing instead of pure 4k.

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