Thexder Neo (Demo) [NPUB90363]
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03-04-2017, 09:17 AM -
Tested using rpcs3-v0.0.1-2017-03-03-48b05838_win64 on an i7 4770K @ 3.5 GHz, GTX 1070, 16 GB DDR3 running Windows 10-64 with the following settings:

PPU decoder: Interpreter (fast)
SPU decoder: Recompiler (ASMJIT)
LLE libraries picked automatically by RPCS3
Graphics settings: DX12 @ 1280x720 w/ VSync, Frame limit set to Auto
Audio settings: XAudio2
Input/Output: XInput

When prompted to press start at the title screen, the game does not register any controller inputs, making it impossible to progress any further. The title screen itself runs properly with working animation, sounds and music.

It does look by far the best using DX12. Vulkan and OGL both produce an identical, very blurry image. The attached screenshots highlight the difference between DX12 and OGL.

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03-07-2017, 03:43 PM -
Does it work with Keyboard input?
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03-07-2017, 04:35 PM -
(03-07-2017, 03:43 PM)Annie Wrote: Does it work with Keyboard input?

Nope, nothing.

03-07-2017, 10:20 PM -
Oh, wait, I take that back. It does go one screen further by using the keyboard.

Here's what happened: When the game didn't work using XInput, I set the Pad Handler to 'Keyboard'. Still didn't get any reaction on the 'Press start button' menu. However, when I re-tested it with Keyboard Handler set to 'Basic' instead of 'Null', the game registered my key press on that screen and allowed me to go to the main menu. It doesn't matter whether I set the Pad Handler to 'XInput', 'Keyboard' or even 'Null'; the game doesn't seem recognize RPCS3's emulated gamepad at all.

Unfortunately, I can't go much further than this. I can scroll through the various options in the main menu but not actually select any option. I've tried every single button on my keyboard but none of my key presses apart from the arrow keys register there. Interestingly, they sometimes seem to get "stuck", so pressing an arrow key results in indefinite scrolling through the options until I press a different key.

Here's a screenshot of how far I could get & an updated log (48b05838 and DX12 again).

03-11-2017, 07:55 PM -
Re-tested using rpcs3-v0.0.2-2017-03-11-cdc49d16_win64 with the same settings as in my initial post.

The game responds to controller inputs now! It goes ingame & can be played properly. Vulkan (screenshot #1) and especially OpenGL (screenshot #2) are still blurry. DX12 (screenshot #3) looks almost perfect apart from a couple of wrong effects. Runs at 20-30 fps for me; the original game runs at 60 fps so it feels a bit sluggish. I've played for several minutes with no issues whatsoever.

Dear mods, I think you can move this one to Playable Big Grin

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