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Tears to Tiara 2: Heir of the Overlord [BLUS31476]
Got it to menus on 0.0.5-7458-586c0ea1 by setting the firmware to auto load instead of liblv2 only, which was an improvement of a would not boot for me previously.  Was able to get into the starting cutscene, but eventually crashed with an unregistered function loop.  Installed the game data and was able to get further into the cutscene, but same crash. Gonna play around with some settings to see if i can get any further. Irrelevant but saved for continuity.

Edit: Noticed an update and gave it a try (0.0.5-7569-1ca02c7d Alpha [Win64])  Seems to be working pretty well,  cleared the intro cutscene and battle with no issues other than a few slight framerate hiccups during the cutscene.  Gonna play a bit longer and see if anything happens.  If nothing, ill add the log and some screenshots to this post.

Edit 2:  No issues other then some audio crackling during VO.  A few battles went fine with no issues.Played for a few hours.  1080p settings played fullscreen on 4k with stock settings fresh off the latest release. GTX 1070  running latest drivers. i7-7700.  Windows 10 home.  Screenshots attached.  Apologies for the poor cropping on the screens, im bad at image manipulation and only have paint atm.

Seems Playable with no issues as of current release.

Getting an issue attaching the log file, as its saying it is too large (12 megs compressed or 200+ uncompressed or so on ultra compression as opposed to the 4 limit).  Also causes browser to crash when trying to pastebin.  Please advise

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