Natural Doctrine [BLUS31453]
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03-19-2022, 07:05 PM -
(03-19-2022, 06:15 PM)cleverest Wrote: RPCS3 Version: 0.0.21-13349-f3a325fe Alpha

Why is game still marked INGAME? Should be playable according to last submission (also tested defaults-Vulkan, res 150%/1920x1080)) - seems to work great with the latest build.

Not sure, the previous report looks OK
It will need to be retested and have another report written if it is to be moved though

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03-19-2022, 07:22 PM -
It wasn't moved to playable because the person who made the playable report didn't use one of the official master builds, and instead used a Pull Request build. Make a new report that follows all the guidelines and it will be moved.

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