Kamen Rider Battride War Sousei Memorial TV Sound Edition [BLJS10324]
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02-15-2020, 04:37 PM -
Currently on the latest RPCS3 build, the game runs well, no sound except narration, and I have a strange problem:

The enemies don't appear. I can do the button presses, run around the area, and everything is smooth, but nothing happens.

Has this happened to anyone?

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12-21-2021, 04:07 PM -
(01-16-2020, 03:12 AM)Asinine Wrote: RPCS3 v0.0.8-9376-29843003 Alpha
I was wrong, audio randomly disappears. Moving to ingame.

Hello Asinine, have you found a fix for the audio disappearing? I'd rather not have to close and open nonstop. But if I must I will sadly.

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07-08-2022, 10:59 PM -
Sound still randomly will cut out in this game and will not return until the game is restarted, regardless of which option is used for Audio Out or Audio Format. It does seem to work, however briefly, with all sound options presently. It would be great to have at least a workaround on this.

Currently, the game encounters an audio-related error on a stage that is essential for progress. It is the stage named "Yomigaeru Jigoku no Command", in which several spider monsters are fighting Kamen Rider Black. Even if the player defeats all the spider monsters, the level cannot progress because the pop-up dialogue related to the audio cue is thrown off by whatever the problem with the audio is in RPCS3.

To solve this problem, you must turn off all sound in-game and also Disable Audio Output in Audio Out.

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10-17-2022, 12:22 AM -
(01-16-2020, 03:12 AM)Asinina Wrote: RPCS3 v0.0.8-9376-29843003 Alpha
Estaba equivocado, el audio desaparece al azar. Pasando al juego.
if you want to play kamen rider genesis with rpcs3 version 0.06-8200 it runs great the audio doesn't go away

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