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12-29-2016, 09:20 PM -
Hello and thanks for read my post.
The Cell is an PowerPC with others processors for floating point.
Thus being when RPCS3 are emulating is using just PC CPU ?
Emulating the Cell SPUs is being used the PC CPU floating point of each core ?
Is possible use the floating point processing of GPU video card in Cell emulation ?
If the line above is true is possible in next versions more emulation speed for six cores cpus ?

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12-30-2016, 04:37 PM -
SPU and PPU cores are emulated on the CPU. Some extensions like SSSE3 are used to speeds things up. I don't think SPU emulation on the GPU is a good idea, a lot of memory will have to be copied back and forth. Also I don't see how threading is going to work on the GPU side in this case.

01-13-2017, 04:55 AM -
Somes review say PS3 Cell process more of 140 GFLOPs and RSX more of 200 GFLOPs.
If is correct each SPU is 20 GFLOPs and games use 6 SPUs.
If PC CPUs processing GFLOPs have some type of instructions to speed up emulating SPUs is a good feature in current cpus.
RSX is being totally emulated or the EBOOT is recompiled to use directly D3D, OpenGL or Vulkan ?
Testing here with Bomberman Ultra the speed is less of 20 FPS in a six core. Seeing the CPU usage is less of half of all cores.
That mean future versions will use better the cpu cores ?
If yes I see that PSN games and some disc based games that use less of 3 SPUs have chance of run with good speed in future versions that is the enough for users that wait to play just games from original own PS3 PSN account.
Thanks for reply.

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