CPUs without SSSE3 with good speed has chance to run the emulator in the future ?
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12-14-2016, 03:03 PM -
Hello. Thanks for read my post.
I see that about CPU the minimum is SSSE3.
Have some Intel dual core with less of 3.0 GHZ running PSN games with good speed.
Athlon 2 X2 3.4 GHZ and Phenom 2 X6 has SSE3 and SSE4a and are more fast than first Intel dual core cpus with SSSE3.
Seeing some videos about Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 the emulation speed is slow in cpus with eight cores.
Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 not use totally the Cell.
Some PSN games run with good speed in intel cpus dual core with less of 3 GHZ.
Thus being has any chance of changes in emulator code to run PSN games in cpus with good speed without SSSE3 using instead others instructions ?
I not wait play several games. Just simple PSN games that I has in my PS3.
If make any change in emulator code to run in cpus without SSSE3 create extremely more work in life of emulator coder the choice is not make it.
For some emulators the correct sequence is first about the emulator and the life of coder, others details and after the user.
I understand that SSSE3 and others instructions not are used in some emulators.
SSSE3 is used in RPCS3 because recompile the PS3 executable in Windows executable ?
Well if has some chance will be good to see, but again the emulator code and life of coder is in first place.
Thanks and have an nice day.

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12-15-2016, 11:48 AM -
Maybe it would work for some games, but it is not a priority and would require a lot of work for something that benefits fewer and fewer people every day. So it will probably never happen.

12-15-2016, 12:11 PM -
Thanks for reply.
If next versions the recompiler is extremely more fast some six core cpus have chance to run disc games with good speed, but some six cores not has SSSE3.
Perhaps if SSE4a is compatible with SSSE3 in future has a chance that instruction to be added.
About GPU the emulator just use to render video and nothing related with RSX or SPUs ? If just use to render video GPUs with less of 1 TFLOP run the emulator very well.

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