Project Diva F [NPUB31241] problem
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11-16-2016, 12:27 PM -
The game is run just fine, but after about 2 songs, the screen stop running (some time it pass 5 songs but it still ends up by this) although the audio and game-play still working (I can hear the music and the notes sound), when I change the game's window into full screen or minisize, the screen turn black and it never display again until I reboot the game), is there any way to fix this?

Version: v0.0.1-3-973bf5a

*I use OGL because it gains the best speed (~30 fps), my graphics card doesn't support vulkan, DX12 very laggy (~5 fps)*
DX12 seem doesn't have this problem but I still want to use OGL

I'd like to record a video about this problem to show more detail, but I unforeseen to know when it'll happend so I can't

My settings:

It's stop running at here (random times)
Black screen when change game's window size (the fps still changing)


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