I'm sure someone's already suggested this, but...
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10-16-2016, 04:53 PM -
... has anyone considered creating a new OS that would bypass Windows entirely?

Here's what I mean in more detail: what if you just copied the PS3's operating system software and bypass Windows entirely, using the PS3 OS to boot into instead? I know this might take a lot more work, but would there be any advantages to doing this?

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10-16-2016, 05:00 PM -
The PS3 OS would only run on a real PS3, no drivers for any other hardware, it's only compiled for the Cell CPU, and so on... One could make a so called low level emulator (LLE) which runs the PS3 OS and then games on top of that, which is what say pcsx2 does (and why it requires a PS2 BIOS). Actually rpcs3 kind of does this a bit, when you load LLE modules you are just executing original PS3 OS code instead of reimplementering it. And for instance the cellGCM module related to graphics crashes if you LLE it because rpcs3 doesn't accurately emulate PS3 hardware good enough for the module to do it's thing.

But no, you can't boot the PS3 OS on a normal computer, that is and will forever be impossible.

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