Few thoughts on RPCS3
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10-14-2016, 03:06 PM -
Hey everyone, just wanted to leave my two cents:

- RPCS3's website (http://rpcs3.net) needs to be completely updated / revamped. That has been talked already a few months back, tambre was going to do it but he didn't have the time to change it much. Since then the website hasn't been changed much besides random announcements.
- It needs a game compatibility list. There's this (#1449) regarding that, but it hasn't been updated for a while now.
- It needs more people helping out either testing or submitting changes to GitHub, that being why it needs more people spreading out the word about it. How to do that? The forums need to be updated so people feel more interested to participate and help, because it feels a bit empty right now for a project this big.
- A Discord server? Seems like everyone has one nowadays. Would be good, although there is already an IRC channel, but that's mostly for dev talk, a discord server would be more friendly and allow for a lot more options than the IRC channel currently has.
- More frequent and detailed announcements on the website / sub-reddit (r/RPCS3).
- Automatic rpcs3 builds should be renamed to RPCS3 Legacy Builds and the titles of further topics should be "RPCS3 revision <gitcommit> [date]". Either that or the area should be purged. I don't feel like the latter would be a good idea though, because topics inside that area get quite a good number of views.
- Should games be moved back if they suffer some kind of regression? Currently, games are only being moved up (Loadable -> Intro -> Half-Playable -> Playable).

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