no fuction and download is shit
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04-29-2016, 12:08 PM -
I apologize in advance for my English.
I can not understand why, are not used some decent host
I do not understand why it is not used this host:
instead of continuing stubbornly to use this:

ignoring all this, there is a decent guide which explains how to use rpcsx3? with link attachments and everything?
qualuno I can explain why I do not party?
I downloaded a game for ps3 but nn so how do I get it started?
my pc is: i7 4770
32gb ram
the motherboard not remember
sli gtx 970
ssd 480 gd
......... All is ok
thx all

04-29-2016, 01:06 PM -
Welcome to the forum!

Please read the newcomer's guide and see the list of playable games.
If you're having any problems, please also read how to report issues and when reporting statuses of games or are having problems please read the submission guidelines.
Also moved to the appropriate section.

Please keep in mind that piracy is not allowed and asking help with piracy, requesting pirated firmware files or games may result in a permanent suspension.

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The official download links aren't hosted at any file sharing services. The ones on "Live downloads" are commonly outdated and shouldn't be used. Always go for the latest build.
You can get the latest builds directly from AppVeyor from the link on the beginning of the guide provided above.

Also wondering, why do you have a 4770 with 32GBs of Ram instead of a 4790/4790K with 16GBs or even 8GBs of Ram, 16 being plenty nowadays for almost everything. Unless you need to render stuff with some heavy programs.
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#Ban ^_^

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