Rocketman: Axis of Evil [NPUB30018]
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09-09-2017, 08:17 PM -
RPCS3 v0.0.3-3-0457f23 Alpha

Write color buffers (or else screen is black) and strict rendering mode or there will be intense flickering.
[Image: 82929d6857.png]
[Image: ba1215968c.png]
[Image: e223273bcc.png]
[Image: 4cd6d8043b.png]
[Image: 1534e3509e.png]
[Image: e25ff29189.png]
Played for around 1.5hrs then got stuck here on the third level but it may just be a game bug or something breaking due to low fps didn't bother retrying.. game is still running but I can't see behind this pillar so i was blind...
[Image: 2586475dbd.png]
I suspect that once fbo_fixes is merged and we don't need to use Write Color Buffers then performance will be good enough to see if you can pass the area above in level 3. If you can then it can be moved to playable. I included a save file so you don't have to do the first two levels to check with the log if anyone else ends up re-testing this game.

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