Rocketman: Axis of Evil [NPUB30018]
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(02-08-2016, 05:48 PM)tambre Wrote:
(02-08-2016, 05:41 PM)Annie Wrote:
(02-08-2016, 04:15 PM)tambre Wrote: I think it's trying to allocate ~4GB of memory...

My RAM wasn't even near 100% when running that. Weird.
I have 8GBs though.
Probably an error in loop, console was being spammed with stuff like this
·E {rsx::thread} RSX: NV0039_OFFSET_IN: bad offset(in=0x530, out=0x48a0), pitch(in=0x10, out=0x10), line(len=0x10, cnt=0x1), fmt(in=0x1, out=0x1), notify=0x0

Yeah, well, the allocation failed, since the PS3 obviously doesn't have anywhere near 4GBs of RAM. It has only 256MB in total.
Those 2 FF's were likely result of a bug somewhere. If you leave those out, then it tries to allocate ~7MBs, which is reasonable.

Oh right, dumb me. I forgot about the amount of RAM the PS3 originally has.
@Off-Topic: Doesn't it have 512MB of RAM?
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