Madden 15 wont boot eboot.bin
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07-10-2015, 05:30 PM -
I'm having trouble getting any response from the emulator trying to run Madden 15 from the disk, it says "E Loading 'D:\/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN' failed" and does nothing else.

RPCS3 has this to say:

Quote:LDR: ! Loading 'D:\/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN'...
G: W fs::file::open('D:/PS3_GAME/dev_bdvd.path', 0x1) failed: error 0x2
LDR: !
LDR: ! Mount info:
LDR: ! /dev_usb000/ -> C:/Users/FleshyScones/Documents/temp/rpcs3-b25eb39-windows-x86-64/dev_usb000/
LDR: ! /dev_flash/ -> C:/Users/FleshyScones/Documents/temp/rpcs3-b25eb39-windows-x86-64/dev_flash/
LDR: ! /host_root/ ->
LDR: ! /dev_hdd0/ -> C:/Users/FleshyScones/Documents/temp/rpcs3-b25eb39-windows-x86-64/dev_hdd0/
LDR: ! /dev_hdd1/ -> C:/Users/FleshyScones/Documents/temp/rpcs3-b25eb39-windows-x86-64/dev_hdd1/
LDR: ! /dev_bdvd/ -> D:/
LDR: ! /dev_usb/ -> C:/Users/FleshyScones/Documents/temp/rpcs3-b25eb39-windows-x86-64/dev_usb000/
LDR: !
LDR: ! Title: Madden NFL 15
LDR: ! Serial: BLUS31428
LDR: ! Elf path: /dev_bdvd/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN
LDR: ! loader::init() failed: Bad file
LDR: ! loader::init() failed: Bad file
LDR: E Loading 'D:\/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN' failed
HLE: S Game: boot done.

How should I approach this? The game works on an actual PS3, and there are no other SELFs, ELFs, or BINs on the disk besides EBOOT.BIN

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