Star Ocean 4 International [BLUS30462]
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05-01-2017, 08:48 AM -
Ok, another few small things changed. The trophy loading pops up now basically on any settings (haven't tested PPU recompiler, so not sure about that one) with one exception. Now the "load only liblv2.sprx only" will pop up the loading trophy on Vulkan only when you first run it with "automatically load required libraries". With OpenGL it works straight on.
But that's not all. If I use the SPU recompiler, I notice that the last messages on the log appear almost immediately on Vulkan, while on OpenGL they can take up to 30s to appear after the trophy loading window pops up.

Small improvement, but something. The log seems to show issues with loading trophies and save data. As in it can't get required space for them. I remember something similar in the Demon Souls report being mentioned, so maybe it's a small thing to make it load into an intro. This game also has battle trophies if I recall correctly, so it may require some extra things in terms of trophies and save data.

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