Initial D Extreme Stage [BLJM60055]
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06-07-2014, 03:11 PM -
So does anyone how to make it work, if possible?

I get this ton of stuff that I dont know what it means anyway:
[!]: path: /dev_hdd0/game/
[!]: (S)ELF: booting...
[!]: Loading 'E:\Downloads\Initial D Extreme Stage\BLJM60055\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\BOOT.BIN'...
[!]: Mount info:
[!]: /dev_hdd0/ -> E:\Downloads\rpcs3-4ac8061-windows-x86-64\rpcs3-4ac8061-windows-x86-64/dev_hdd0/
[!]: /dev_hdd1/ -> E:\Downloads\rpcs3-4ac8061-windows-x86-64\rpcs3-4ac8061-windows-x86-64/dev_hdd1/
[!]: /dev_flash/ -> E:\Downloads\rpcs3-4ac8061-windows-x86-64\rpcs3-4ac8061-windows-x86-64/dev_flash/
[!]: /dev_usb000/ -> E:\Downloads\rpcs3-4ac8061-windows-x86-64\rpcs3-4ac8061-windows-x86-64/dev_usb000/
[!]: /dev_usb/ -> E:\Downloads\rpcs3-4ac8061-windows-x86-64\rpcs3-4ac8061-windows-x86-64/dev_usb000/
[!]: /app_home/ -> E:\Downloads\Initial D Extreme Stage\BLJM60055\PS3_GAME\
[!]: /dev_bdvd/ -> E:\Downloads\Initial D Extreme Stage\BLJM60055\PS3_GAME\/../
[!]: /host_root/ ->
[!]: / -> E:\Downloads\Initial D Extreme Stage\BLJM60055\PS3_GAME\
[!]: Initing memory...
[!]: Memory initialized.
[W]: Unknown function 0x20543730 in 'cellSysutil' module
[E]: TODO: cellMsgDialogClose
[W]: Unknown function 0x21425307 in 'cellSysutil' module
[E]: TODO: cellSaveDataListAutoLoad
[W]: Unknown function 0x3d1e1931 in 'cellSysutil' module
[E]: TODO: cellOskDialogUnloadAsync
[W]: Unknown function 0x7fcfc915 in 'cellSysutil' module
[E]: TODO: cellOskDialogLoadAsync
[W]: Unknown function 0xb53c54fa in 'cellSysutil' module
[E]: TODO: cellOskDialogSetKeyLayoutOption
[W]: Unknown function 0xc9645c41 in 'cellSysutil' module
[E]: TODO: cellGameDataCheckCreate2
[W]: Unknown function 0xedadd797 in 'cellSysutil' module
[E]: TODO: cellSaveDataDelete2
[W]: Unknown function 0xf0ec3ccc in 'cellSysutil' module
[E]: TODO: cellOskDialogSetLayoutMode
[W]: Unknown module 'cellSaveData'
[W]: Unknown function 0x04372385 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpBasicGetFriendListEntry
[W]: Unknown function 0x04ca5e6a in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpScoreRecordGameData
[W]: Unknown function 0x05d65dff in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpScoreGetRankingByNpId
[W]: Unknown function 0x0968aa36 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpManagerGetTicket
[W]: Unknown function 0x155de760 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpSignalingGetConnectionInfo
[W]: Unknown function 0x1672170e in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpScoreRecordScore
[W]: Unknown function 0x1a2704f7 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpScoreWaitAsync
[W]: Unknown function 0x1ae8a549 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpBasicAddBlockListEntry
[W]: Unknown function 0x21206642 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpScoreGetRankingByRangeAsync
[W]: Unknown function 0x259113b8 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpScoreDestroyTitleCtx
[W]: Unknown function 0x2e1c5068 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatchingDestroyCtx
[W]: Unknown function 0x32cf311f in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpScoreInit
[W]: Unknown function 0x3b02418d in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpScoreGetGameData
[W]: Unknown function 0x4026eac5 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpBasicRegisterContextSensitiveHandler
[W]: Unknown function 0x52a6b523 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpManagerUnregisterCallback
[W]: Unknown function 0x60897c38 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpSignalingActivateConnection
[W]: Unknown function 0x64a704cc in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpBasicRecvMessageAttachmentLoad
[W]: Unknown function 0x6f5e8143 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpScoreCreateTransactionCtx
[W]: Unknown function 0x73931bd0 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpBasicGetBlockListEntryCount
[W]: Unknown function 0x8297f1ec in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpManagerRequestTicket2
[W]: Unknown function 0x95c7bba3 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpSignalingTerminateConnection
[W]: Unknown function 0x9851f805 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpScoreTerm
[W]: Unknown function 0xa7a090e5 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpScorePollAsync
[W]: Unknown function 0xa8cf8451 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpSignalingDestroyCtx
[W]: Unknown function 0xacb9ee8e in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpBasicUnregisterHandler
[W]: Unknown function 0xafef640d in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpBasicGetFriendListEntryCount
[W]: Unknown function 0xb66d1c46 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpManagerGetEntitlementIdList
[W]: Unknown function 0xb9f93bbb in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpScoreCreateTitleCtx
[W]: Unknown function 0xc5f4cf82 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpScoreDestroyTransactionCtx
[W]: Unknown function 0xca0a2d04 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpSignalingGetConnectionStatus
[W]: Unknown function 0xd208f91d in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpUtilCmpNpId
[W]: Unknown function 0xe035f7d6 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpBasicGetEvent
[W]: Unknown function 0xe7dcd3b4 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpManagerRegisterCallback
[W]: Unknown function 0xeb7a3d84 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpManagerGetChatRestrictionFlag
[W]: Unknown function 0xee5b20d9 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpScoreAbortTransaction
[W]: Unknown function 0xf2b3338a in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpBasicGetBlockListEntry
[W]: Unknown function 0xfe37a7f4 in 'sceNp' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpManagerGetNpId
[W]: Unknown function 0x01379fd7 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2DestroyContext
[W]: Unknown function 0x05bf2fbd in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2GetWorldInfoList
[W]: Unknown function 0x0d22867f in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2SearchRoom
[W]: Unknown function 0x0ebe4c6b in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2SignalingGetConnectionStatus
[W]: Unknown function 0x12d0b0f9 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2ContextStart
[W]: Unknown function 0x1f372697 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2LeaveRoom
[W]: Unknown function 0x215b0d75 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2SetRoomDataExternal
[W]: Unknown function 0x26ae9ff8 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2SignalingGetConnectionInfo
[W]: Unknown function 0x2c5b7fc9 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2GetRoomMemberDataExternalList
[W]: Unknown function 0x2fe0da7d in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2Term
[W]: Unknown function 0x3457c0db in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2GetServerInfo
[W]: Unknown function 0x3c00c9d4 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2GetEventData
[W]: Unknown function 0x3f62c759 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2Init
[W]: Unknown function 0x41251f74 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNp2Init
[W]: Unknown function 0x5721e711 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2JoinRoom
[W]: Unknown function 0x66f19527 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2KickoutRoomMember
[W]: Unknown function 0x6fcd84c1 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2SetSignalingOptParam
[W]: Unknown function 0x7bf6e152 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2SendRoomChatMessage
[W]: Unknown function 0x817d1090 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2SetRoomDataInternal
[W]: Unknown function 0x8e5cfe9f in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2GetServerIdListLocal
[W]: Unknown function 0x9344d41f in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2GrantRoomOwner
[W]: Unknown function 0x9cbce3f2 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2CreateContext
[W]: Unknown function 0xa9e6103e in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2RegisterSignalingCallback
[W]: Unknown function 0xaadb7c12 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNp2Term
[W]: Unknown function 0xb851aacf in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2SetRoomMemberDataInternal
[W]: Unknown function 0xdcb6b27d in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2RegisterRoomEventCallback
[W]: Unknown function 0xe7a3bc7a in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2CreateJoinRoom
[W]: Unknown function 0xefbd9357 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2GetLobbyInfoList
[W]: Unknown function 0xf43c647a in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2ContextStop
[W]: Unknown function 0xfee11e72 in 'sceNp2' module
[E]: TODO: sceNpMatching2RegisterRoomMessageCallback
[W]: Unknown function 0x967a162b in 'sys_fs' module
[E]: TODO: cellFsFsync
[W]: Unknown function 0x3f797dff in 'sys_io' module
[E]: TODO: cellPadGetRawData
[W]: Unknown function 0x20a97ba2 in 'sys_io' module
[E]: TODO: cellPadLddRegisterController
[W]: Unknown function 0x8b8231e5 in 'sys_io' module
[E]: TODO: cellPadLddGetPortNo
[W]: Unknown function 0xbafd6409 in 'sys_io' module
[E]: TODO: cellPadLddDataInsert
[W]: Unknown function 0xe442faa8 in 'sys_io' module
[E]: TODO: cellPadLddUnregisterController
[W]: Unknown function 0x3f09e20a in 'sys_net' module
[E]: TODO: socketselect
[W]: Unknown function 0x71f4c717 in 'sys_net' module
[E]: TODO: gethostbyname
[W]: Unknown function 0x858a930b in 'sys_net' module
[E]: TODO: inet_ntoa
[W]: Unknown function 0xf7ac8941 in 'sys_net' module
[E]: TODO: gethostbyaddr
[W]: Unknown function 0x35f22ac3 in 'cellUsbd' module
[E]: TODO: cellUsbdEnd
[W]: Unknown function 0xd0e766fe in 'cellUsbd' module
[E]: TODO: cellUsbdInit
[W]: Unknown function 0x0f411262 in 'cellUsbd' module
[E]: TODO: cellUsbdInterruptTransfer
[W]: Unknown function 0x254289ac in 'cellUsbd' module
[E]: TODO: cellUsbdOpenPipe
[W]: Unknown function 0x2fb08e1e in 'cellUsbd' module
[E]: TODO: cellUsbdScanStaticDescriptor
[W]: Unknown function 0x5de3af36 in 'cellUsbd' module
[E]: TODO: cellUsbdGetPrivateData
[W]: Unknown function 0x63bfdb97 in 'cellUsbd' module
[E]: TODO: cellUsbdSetPrivateData
[W]: Unknown function 0x90460081 in 'cellUsbd' module
[E]: TODO: cellUsbdUnregisterExtraLdd
[W]: Unknown function 0x9763e962 in 'cellUsbd' module
[E]: TODO: cellUsbdClosePipe
[W]: Unknown function 0x97cf128e in 'cellUsbd' module
[E]: TODO: cellUsbdControlTransfer
[W]: Unknown function 0xbd554bcb in 'cellUsbd' module
[E]: TODO: cellUsbdRegisterExtraLdd2
[W]: Unknown function 0xdb819e03 in 'cellUsbd' module
[E]: TODO: cellUsbdGetDeviceLocation
[W]: Unknown function 0x2ad091c6 in 'cellL10n' module
[E]: TODO: UCS2stoUTF8s
[W]: Unknown function 0x33435818 in 'cellL10n' module
[W]: Unknown function 0xdd5ebdeb in 'cellL10n' module
[W]: Unknown function 0x05c65656 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
[E]: TODO: sys_mempool_try_allocate_block
[W]: Unknown function 0x608212fc in 'sysPrxForUser' module
[E]: TODO: sys_mempool_free_block
[W]: Unknown function 0x8a561d92 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
[E]: TODO: _sys_heap_free
[W]: Unknown function 0x9d3c0f81 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
[E]: TODO: sys_mempool_destroy
[W]: Unknown function 0xaede4b03 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
[E]: TODO: _sys_heap_delete_heap
[W]: Unknown function 0xca9a60bf in 'sysPrxForUser' module
[E]: TODO: sys_mempool_create
[S]: (S)ELF: boot done.

Then if I run the decompyler it sais some "Read32 from null block" stuff

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06-07-2014, 03:59 PM -
(06-07-2014, 03:11 PM)Threule Wrote: Then if I run the decompyler it sais some "Read32 from null block" stuff

Then it won't run... Wait until rpcs3 is more complete.

06-07-2014, 11:31 PM -
Oh, so that whats the meaning of that. Thank you, not sure if we might want to keep this alive for future reference

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06-07-2014, 11:56 PM -
(06-07-2014, 11:31 PM)Threule Wrote: Oh, so that whats the meaning of that. Thank you, not sure if we might want to keep this alive for future reference

Post again when it is loadable, that is, displays at least a black screen an a frame rate. See

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