Someone defaming RPCS3, the project & the developers
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05-02-2014, 07:17 PM -
I was on PCSX2 forums and a post I found titled "RPCS3, the truth about the ps3 emulator team" and clicked it. Inside there was a photograph with a link to some blog mentioning an RPCS3 developer which featured immense profanity and insults towards a member, plus photoshopped images saying degrading things. Does anyone know who is doing this or why someone is attacking RPCS3?

I saved the picture that linked because that post got deleted by admins:[email protected]/

I also saved the URL to the blog which featured very hateful remarks about rpcs3 and other member names here, threats, insults, defamation, claims of ending the project from development, legal issues, etc.:

This is strange because a girl recently bashed the PCSX2 development team publicly and there's a routine spammer on those forums as well. This is her post:

Could this be the same person bashing emulation development and teams of RPCS3 and such? And why?

EXTRA: Combining this with all of those fake videos on youtube claiming rpcs3 can play games it can't yet, this sounds like someone deliberately trying to destroy the reputation of rpcs3 and insult its members.

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05-02-2014, 07:35 PM -
News flash: there are morons on the internet.

Just ignore the trolls. Don't answer their posts, don't talk about them, don't acknowledge their existence. Just ignore. Report bad forum posts to the moderators and move on.

05-02-2014, 07:42 PM -
No, I know that, but I want to know why with targeting emulators and attacking the teams. That poster I mentioned said he would "assault" rpcs3 team members and was challenging to fight them (which sounds personal IMO; sounds like a hatred with a cause) in the full posts, and saying rpcs3 is going to get a cease and desist notice. They also called user AlexAltea a rapist and racial slurs, and showed shopped images with fake twitter posts and other sick stuff I won't even mention. Defaming can be illegal, and despite the trollish-ness of it, they can ruin peoples reputations.

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