Why are you making a PS3 emulator?
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05-05-2014, 11:30 PM -
LOL framing the wrong person! I just posted that link of the defaming guy here to let the you and everyone one here know that there's an enemy against this project. I AM NOT, however, the enemy. That Github account is not me (I code only under private repose, and I use my real name). I think that whoever that guy is that's against rpcs3 is making sock puppets to turn you guys against other members likely. I would never create a ps3 for many reasons, and my programming background is very, very limited. Sorry if you don't believed me but you have the wrong guy pointing fingers at. I don't know of any of the stuff Alex is talking about; I just hang out here to give my limited advice and keep up to date with the project. I would never do what the rpcs3 hater is doing

05-06-2014, 12:56 AM -
An IP address means crap. If you don't believe me then you are unwilling to see that this is all likely a big coincidence. I have never even heard of those accounts you showed ... i lived in Florida and moved to Dali. just a few weeks ago. I registered this account and I am 32 years old I do not go to high school. I love this emulator and would never bash it. I am telling you that this all a big set up and I give you my word that this is my only account ... that is all I will say. If nobody believes me there is no more I can do to prove it unless you want photographic proof with the IP address. If proof will settle this issue, let me hear it and I promise I'll prove that the other accounts IP are just set up to turn you against me.

Plus those images could be retouched ... for all I know you are framing me. I don't care; I am done on this site anywaysit is easy to fake stuff ..

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