FIFA Street [NPUB30651]
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(02-05-2024, 10:39 AM)Asinine Wrote: You posted a video, a log, rpcs3 version ID and said it seems playable.
All of these things are very typical of playable reports, and its not obvious at all that you were intentionally doing this to ask people to test. If you have the game why not play it further to see if its playable or not? Besides its just a sports game, all you need to do is confirm you can finish a match, confirm saving/loading works, confirm different game modes work.. and once you've done that its really enough. Its not like a long RPG that could crash at any given story moment, all you need to do is confirm the general base game mechanics work.
 I have lots of games I don't play or enjoy, but I have them. I mainly play COD online Hardcore, but emulation has always been a passion. I'm one of four, so I had lots of extras I never played or thought of playing. Then during the Pandemic I obtained a ton of games for $1-$4 each.  In all my years of gaming, I've completed only a handful of games. I play until I get bored and move to the next. Always been this way, as far as my gaming habits. But anyhow. I will only share what works for me in the "InGame", as I've been doing with log files and video. I hope to not be too much a burden. Smile I am making sure to include the log files with each post and a video. Pics can be timed to appear different that the emu runs, so a video works better for me when sharing what I found.. I spend sometimes up to an entire day on a game, testing out each setting. To be soo close and then finally find a setting that gets a game to play, even if it aint perfect... IT is addictive. More so than actually playing the games. At least for me.

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