Tales Of Xillia (gpu glitch)!
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(12-13-2022, 09:48 PM)Ani Wrote: Known issue but we cannot reproduce, disable anti-aliasing as a workaround

I did , didn't i!? I mean it's even worse at some camera angles . 
But fortunately disable aliasing got red of the lines.

What i meant by "even worse" check this out ↓

[Image: wurse-stripes.png]

Also, in city's my fps drops to between 30 - 40 !!  Usually, i benchmarked the game at 83+ fps (no fps cap) in certain areas!?

What emu settings has an fps impact at certain spots ingame , apart from upscale resolution settings?
FSR works beautifull in this game btb..

Furthermore, i can't seem to edit my signature in my account to post my system specs for starters!
Although my account is activated !?

many thanks,


I managed to speed up the fps a bit by changing some advance settings for this game. 
But still dropping from 80+ to 30+ is an huge perfomance hit !!  Ah it is what it is i guess... 

Fortunately and most important of all, every battle / disputes ingame are settled  at 80+ fps Tongue

If anybody is able to get good / full fps in towns / cities / everywhere in this game, let me know. 

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