Flickering Textures Issue
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Video  11-18-2022, 01:24 AM -
Hi everyone!

So I decided to play Red Dead Redemption on my Mac through RPCS3. I know, that it works (if it even starts) slow, unstable and faces a lot of problems and so on, but I decided to give it a chance. And the most disappointing thing is that it actually runs, but I can't get rid of highly flickering textures. I tried all the versions of the game (disk, hdd, updated, not updated, different regions), tried to change/enable/disable different settings (everything I found related to the topic), tried different resolutions (native, 720) – didn't help. The problem appears everywhere: start screen, cutscenes, gameplay. I tested a few other games – all good, the issue shows only in RDR.

I recorded a video, the link would be somewhere in this post, so you could watch it yourself. In the second part of the video I showed all the settings I used. I still hope that this problem could be solved by enabling something in settings or changing some kind of texture rendering. So if you have any idea, please, feel free to share it, I'll be testing everything and giving feedback. And if you need logs or something – just let me know.

Btw, my Mac is MacBook Pro 14, M1 Pro, 16 Gb, if it matters.


Video (on YouTube): https://youtu.be/D8We9fm7VuA

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