The Unfinished Swan [NPJA00087]
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The Japanese version of The Unfinished Swan had been confirmed by me as Playable as far back as March 09 of 2019, while I was on my Hewlett~Packard Pavilion 590-p0057c, though at the time I didn't have the ability to document visual proof and thus had to wait until now to do so; I'm genuinely quite surprised that this build went under the radar for so long, considering that the North America and European builds (NPUA98202 and NPEA00395, respectively) were confirmed as Playable days apart, the Japanese version did have some sense of popularity and delivered a more affirmative tone towards the player through its delivery of dialogue.
For a more up to date confirmation, below is my Data Logue from Build 13925 ("0.0.23-13925-73ed657e Alpha (Master)") via the Ryzen 5950X/Radeon VII combo; as with the other versions, you can expect a framerate of 060 FPS on average, and a combination of disabling Vsync and messing with the VBlank Frequency has delivered sped up cutscenes that don't even get to complete their narration (not documented in this logue); other than that, no minor nor major issues will be experienced regardless of if you're on an Intel CPU/AMD GPU or All AMD setup with parts made by either or from over the past four years.

~ The Unfinished Swan (Japan): RPCS3 Data Logue for Build 13925 (Mediafire)
The Unfinished Swan (Japan): Balloonist and Dreamer Obtained (plus Ending Cutscene)

For those who intend to play this title with Reshade installed, please be careful with the Effect Combinations that you use: Now, on most other titles, I often have Unreal Lens, FGFX: LSPOIrr, and prod80_02_Bloom running alongside two Sharpening filters (Filmic Sharpen and Smart Sharp) for a combination of better Lighting/Shading and Eye Care; having the former three mentioned enabled in this game can be an eyesore in certain parts of Chapter 01, 02, and 04 because of how it affects shades of White (predominantly the Paint, Floors, and Walls) and Sky Blue (for the Water and Water Balls), some areas will become impossible to see correctly without disabling those filters and thus I urge you to proceed with caution if you keep them on in those sections.

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