wahahasunkIs it possible to transfer savedata to PS3(cfw)?
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I tried to transfer the savedata of MGS4 generated by RPCS3 to my PS3, but I failed, even though I used Bruteforce Save Data. The game keeps showing "game data is damaged". I found that the format of PARAM.SFO generated by RPCS3 and the one generated by PS3 may be different. Bruteforce Save Data can read the detailed information of PARAM.SFO generated by PS3, but the detail of PARAM.SFO generated by RPCS3 is blank in Bruteforce Save Data.

What did I do(learn from this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/rpcs3/comments/...=post_body):

1. copy an mgs4 save file from my PS3 (doesn't matter how far into the game)
2. copy my RPCS3 save file and put them in a folder
3. open Bruteforce and decrypt all files of the original save file
4. while decrypted, copy the RPCS3 mgs4.sav to the orig. save file folder
5. encrypt the original save file, rebuild (full), and click Yes and the next pop-up
6. delete the old PARAM.SFO of the orig. save file folder and then copy/paste it to my ps3

Did i do something wrong? Any advice would be appreciated.

Forgot to put the attachment, sorry.
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